About Us

Performance Electric Bicycles at the Right Price

E-Bikes, Powerbikes, Assisted Bicycle whatever you want to call them they all mean the same thing, extended mobility. CSC has been in the two wheel business for over 30 years with our motorcycles and using the same production methods and sourcing we have been able to design and develop a line of e-bikes that have many of the functions that our top competitors have at a price that is right. That results in a great value to you.

What sets CSC apart is our commitment to our customers before and after sales. We are here for you and the proof is in the fact that we are growing even after 30 years of being in business. Starting with motorcycles and now with our line of E-Bikes our quality, service and support are second to none.

If you have questions we are here to answer them.

Call us at 909-445-0900 or 800-884-4173. Or come by today and experience our superior service and selection.