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As the world goes greener, more and more people are looking to incorporate more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices into their everyday lives. One great way to be greener is by taking up biking! And if you're interested in that, we have the perfect solution for you! Our e-bikes will give you all the advantages of biking while also helping you contribute to preserving our environment. You'll be reducing your carbon footprint and putting less strain on our natural resources while also getting to enjoy one of life's greatest pleasures! Check out some benefits of owning an e-bike from the best E-bike manufacturers here!


Our e-bike has a 250W motor powered by a 48V 17.5 Ah lithium battery. The motor makes using our e-bike comfortable. Especially on hills, you can use it to get to work or campus. With its high power and large capacity battery, our e-bike can reach speeds up to 20 km/h while maintaining a safe range of 25km.


Our e-bikes feature ergonomic pedals and seats to ensure a comfortable ride for both experienced riders and beginners. The seats are adjustable to accommodate a wide range of sizes, and several models offer suspension, ensuring a smooth ride on even bumpy terrain. Our bikes also have retractable kickstands to keep them stable at rest stops or in transit between trails.


We use lithium batteries in our e-bikes because it packs a ton of energy into a tiny space. The lithium-ion battery used in our e-bikes charges quickly and lasts longer than any other type; only lithium can provide as much power for such a small footprint.


This is a measurement of how much power you can use to push or pull a bike. The higher torque, or power rating, means that you can push yourself up hills with ease and speed. Our product has enough torque to handle hills with steep inclines.

Good Quality and Price

We are 100% confident that you will find our e-bikes to be one of your most valuable, if not your most valued possessions. Whether you purchase our e-bike as a gift for someone or as a personal investment, we assure you won't regret your decision. We offer affordable prices and lifetime technical support on all of our models; simply put, we stand behind our products because of their exceptional quality.


We have a warranty for every e-bike we sell. We also provide a free trial period for you to check out how excellent our bikes are. That's how confident we are in our e-bikes' quality! We know you will love it too! So buy one of our electric bikes in LA today and start enjoying new adventures!

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To read more about our electric bikes for sale,check out our product page. If you're ready to purchase one today, contact our electric bike specialists now. You can get a great deal from us! Please call CSC Electric Bicycles/CSC Motorcycles at 800-884-4173 to make an order.