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You’ve seen them whizzing by on city streets, maybe even circling in front of your local bike shop. Now you’re thinking about getting an electric bike for yourself, but you’re wondering about the different features available and how they’ll fit into your lifestyle. Since there are multiple features to look at when comparing our electric bikes, we’ve narrowed down the list to the most important ones you need to know about as you’re comparing models online or in the store.

What You Need to Know About Features of Our Electric Bikes


The motor on an electric bike makes it unique. The more powerful and larger a motor is, the faster it will go and the further it can take you. This translates into speed, distance, and range. The obvious benefit of our e-bikes is that they're incredibly convenient.


All our electric bikes come with a throttle, and some allow for an additional level of assistance when you apply more pressure. This will enable you to choose how much effort you’d like to use, depending on your needs.


In terms of design, we have given bikes a modern update. Most models are folding or can be transformed into a more compact form for easy storage. The folding advantage is that you can easily store your bike in a car or truck without disassembling it first.

Braking System

A high-quality braking system is a must for any e-bike. One key feature of our electric bikes is their advanced braking system. After all, stopping fast is vital when riding a bike! If you have ridden a bike before, you will know how important it is to stop fast.

Also, the motor inhibitors on our e-bikes make it, so you do not have to wrestle against the powerful e-bike motor when you pull the brake lever.

Battery Range and Charging

Usually, the battery of our electric bike lasts between 25 and 50 miles, which is sufficient for the average commute. You can still use our electric bike when the battery runs out, but it may be a little more complicated.

As E-bike manufacturers, we recommend charging a battery to 90%. This takes about two hours and is usually sufficient for most trips. Fully charging a battery can take three to six hours.


Weighing between 20kg and 35kg, our electric bikes are heavier than conventional bikes because they contain batteries, motors, and control systems.


Tires are essential parts of an electric bike because they provide traction. The same thing applies to riding an electric bike. The tires need good quality rubber and other components to work correctly. Our electric bikes for sale have quality and durable tires.

Smartphone Integration

Most high-end electric bikes on the market now have smartphone integration. This allows you to plan your route, receive GPS coordinates for destinations, control speed, and even monitor battery life from your phone.

Electric Bike Shop near Me 

We hope that you now know more about our electric bikes in LA and have a better understanding of how they can benefit your daily commute. We wish you safe rides on your new e-bike. CSC Electric Bicycles/CSC Motorcycles has electric bike specialists waiting to assist you. Please call us at 800-884-4173 to order your first ebike.