Fork Installation For FT750-20


Fork Installation For FT750-20 20" Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

This is an amendment to the instructions for assembling the FT750, which covers the steps to install the fork on the 20-inch-wheel version.
Here are the included parts needed to install the fork in your FT750-20.

We recommend applying waterproof grease to the steering stem to inhibit corrosion and ensure smooth operation.

Apply grease to the entire steering stem section that will be inserted into your bicycle’s steering neck.

Insert steering tube all the way into your bicycle’s steering neck section.

With the steering tube poking out of the top of the steering head, slide on the tapered split ring with the narrow side down.

Slide on the wide base spacer with the flat side against the neck tube.

Slide on the 13 thick head-tube spacers, leaving the one narrow spacer for later.

Install the handlebar stem and align it so the clamp faces forward.

Take the short head-tube spacer and hold it over the top of the steering tube.

And then install the top cap and the Allen bolt that holds it together.

Another view of the top cap over the head-tube spacer.

Align and tighten top cap with the supplied allen wrench.

Finally, tighten the two steering stem pinch bolts.

From this point, the only step remaining is to align the handlebar in its clamp and spin on the four bolts. Tighten them in an X pattern (crisscross) for a stable and secure clamping force. 

Please watch this YouTube Video for Reference:


All other instructions in the owner’s manual apply to both 20” and 26” FT750’s.

Please contact CSC at or (909) 445-0900 with any questions. Thank you