Ebike San Diego

This model is a significant upgrade with enormous battery power and torque. It is light, quiet and surprisingly efficient, and powerful. It operates on two different wheels, a 27.5 inch and 29er giving it the shortest chainstays. With steep 66.5-degree head angles, this brand has the most agile electric bikes in LA. We also have the women’s version for the same price.

CSC Mountain Bike

This light and fast electric bike have a long-range. It is half the weight of most electric bikes for sale and feels like a responsive road machine. Every ride is a no-drop ride. The internal battery offers 80 miles of range and cuts out 28mph. The motor puts out about 240 watts of assistance which is enough range and speed for group rides and races. It packs a 160Wh range extender that fits the seat tube bottle cage and adds 40 miles of range. You can purchase it from our outlets or online.


This 40-pound road bike has an excellent endurance road platform with a 28mph lick from the superior performance speed. What makes it stand out is the front and rear Issued decouples that enhance frames compliance. Unlike heavy bikes with rigid frames, there is an outstanding comfort that a rider will feel. The structure also makes the tires have a good road grip which boosts the control and handling of the bike more so in bumpy corners. The motor offers plenty of torque that makes climbs easier and faster. The 500Wh battery ensures you ride with a healthy assist without anxiety regarding the range.

This model is not afraid of bumpy and rough terrains. The 38mm tires give it a good gravel chop, and it can be fitter rear fenders and rack if you want to commute on it. We stock it in all our shops, and we also offer shipping at a small fee.


It resembles and has a profile associated with analog bikes. It is a 700c – wheeled gravel bike with a power of up to 20mph. The E-bike manufacturerscreated a sleek but peppy motor that feels like an analog bike. It has hydraulic disk brakes, a drive train, and many mounting bags and bottles spots. This bike is ideal for mountain and hill terrains. It works well for people looking to do cardio fitness. Buy it from our website or search for an electric bike shop near me.

XP750-26 Fat Tire

Packed with a powerful mid-drive motor and 700c by 50mm tires, this model can ride anywhere. It comes with a 28mph speed assist and a 500Wh battery. It packs a lot of performance punch. The bike has one chainring in the front, but the drivetrain features a wide-range cassette that helps you navigate the steepest climbs. The wide tires offer extra stability, traction, and control over several road surfaces.

XP750-20 Gen-3

This is meant to haul cargo efficiently to beat your deadlines. The moped-style frame comes with mounts from rear and front racks, with options ranging from bags, baskets, insulates bags, panniers, and platforms. We will sell you a center console to add to your storage options at an extra charge. To free up space, the battery is mounted behind the seat tube. The double kickstand keeps it upright, allowing you to load the bike without fear of it toppling.

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